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The law now provides for an incompressible period of ten days, counting from the notification of the sales agreement, during which the purchaser can mature his choice and retract without penalty . It suffices to make its decision known by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, without having to justify any reason.

If a security deposit had already been placed in escrow by a real estate professional, the latter then has the obligation to reimburse the ex-purchaser within "21 days from the day after the day after" the withdrawal, in accordance in article L.271-2 of the Construction and Housing Code.

Beyond the withdrawal period, the sales car dealership no credit check no down paymentt agreement with deposit can always be refunded to the buyer if one of the conditions precedent provided for in the contract has been fulfilled. Most often, it is the impossibility of obtaining a mortgage offer from a bank or a financial organization, provided of course that the buyer proves the reality and the seriousness of his steps. But other classic suspensive conditions exist, including the exercise by the town hall of its right of first refusal over the property.

Finally, the security deposit can be refunded - and even accompanied by damages - if the seller has not respected the obligation of perfect information of the buyer before the signing of the sales agreement, for example by failing to provide mandatory diagnoses 

or alert on the non-compliance of certain elements of the frame.

Unless amicable arrangement, reimbursement in this case implies obtaining the cancellation of the sales agreement before the courts.

The deposit or security deposit of the sales agreement paid by the buyer is automatically taken into account in the transaction. This sum will therefore be deducted from the amount remaining to be paid when the authentic instrument is signed.

The payment of the security deposit during the sales agreement is the first palpable sign of the commitment made by the buyer. Even if several possibilities of reimbursement exist, it is essential not to cross this course without having matured your choice!