Cars for single mothers

Developed from the Epic model, there is the Crosswalk R, a high-performance off-road stroller, suitable for the city, the countryside and the most adverse environments. Its advanced features make it a very easy to drive and very safe stroller: it has tires made of PU, which make it 10 times more resistant, as well as a double brake lock from the handle, an independent suspension on the rear wheels and a hammock with plenty of grants for single mothers space and reclining backrest that guarantees the child's comfort. In addition, it has an extensible hood and has a patented folding type that is 10% more compact.

If you are looking for a complete and comfortable stroller for your baby, this is an excellent option. It includes an extra-large carrycot, as well as a baby carrier of the group 0+ and a reversible stroller, as well as a seat cover for the seat, a basket and a carrier. It also has an air conditioning system and is equipped with four resistant and very flexible wheels that guarantees its easy and fast transfer throughout the city. And so you can maneuver with it without complications when you need it most, it has a very comfortable folding system that allows you to compact it with one hand.

It is a very light and easy to handle stroller, perfect for all types of urban places, even for the narrowest spaces. It has a very classic design, in which embroidery, eco-leather details and “mirror” effects are not lacking to give it a unique touch. However, its biggest advantages are the accessories that it incorporates: it is equipped with a transformable hood, with a removable visor for the sunniest days, at the same time it includes a waterproof bubble for rainy days and a leg cover for the winter time. In addition, it has a very safe braking system, which acts simultaneously on both wheels. The seat is approved from birth to 15 kg.

If you are looking for a practical, comfortable and functional stroller, this is a perfect option. The same is ideal for a newborn as for children who have reached 25 kg in weight since their chair has a total recline in 4 positions, while having an extendable footrest that will be useful even when the baby has grown a little. In addition, it has an aeronautical quality aluminum chassis that creates a protective fence to keep the baby safe at all times, as well as linked brakes that are operated with the foot and a support strap to prevent the child from getting out of the car. It is also equipped with an extensible and waterproof hood and has a wind-resistant rain bubble.