Donate a car


In addition, to be tax exempt, your donations must be made to certain types of organizations. These associations and foundations must meet three requirements:

  1. have a social purpose and selfless management,
  2. be non-profit
  3. not operate for the benefit of a small circle of people.

There are two main categories of organizations eligible for tax reduction. On the one hand, aid organizations for people in difficulty such as UNICEF . They correspond to associations that provide medical, food or housing assistance, free of charge. On the other hand, associations of general interest or recognized as being of public utility. La définition pour cette deuxième catégorie est en réalité très large pour peu qu’elles soient agréées par l’État et qu’elles aient clairement une visée d’intérêt général. Ce sont les organismes dont l’objet donate junk car for tax deduction est philanthropique, social, sportif, éducatif, scientifique, culturel, humanitaire, religieux, de défense de l'environnement, ou encore de valorisation du patrimoine comme la WWF ou le Sidaction.

If you gave money to a political party or a candidate for an election, you can deduct these donations.
For donations to a party, your donations must not exceed € 7,500 per year per person, and the total donations from your tax household (you, your spouse, your children and other dependents) must not exceed € 15,000 per year . For donations to a candidate, your donations must not exceed € 4,600 per election .

You can only deduct the amounts indicated if their total does not exceed 20% of your income . Otherwise, you can deduct the excess amount from your taxes next year, or the year after, up to 5 years.

These donations give rise to a tax reduction of 66% of the amounts paid .