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"  The State must quickly establish a national master plan for the deployment of charging infrastructures guaranteeing all citizens the possibility of traveling by electric vehicle without constraint anywhere in the territory  " underline associations which point in particular to the famous white areas - these departments, which are less well equipped with a charging point where driving in an electric car turns out to be a real obstacle course.

Another point raised by the voluntary sector: the many problems of the existing network. "  The existence apply for government car assistance of charging stations is not a guarantee of continuing serenely on the road  " underline the associations which highlight various hazards: availability, compliance with the parking reserved for vehicles in charge, proper functioning of charging points, etc.

“  Mass development of the electric car requires far more vigorous and methodical public policies than those implemented so far. It's time to "put on the Watts." Installation of kiosks, interoperability of access and payment systems, a lot has been done but without guidelines and above all without concern for regional planning  ”denounce the associations.

It is up to the State, in consultation with the territories and private actors, to set an ambitious course and establish clear rules  " they believe, calling on the authorities to mobilize the profits generated by the penalty to provide new resources for developers

If public infrastructure is a problem, the same is true for all outlets installed in the private sector. Being able to charge easily and anywhere is the key to the success of the electric car. It is still necessary to manage to open this ecosystem to those who do not have a private garage.

"  Quotas of pre-equipped spaces in collective car parks, right to joint ownership, the measures adopted so far are not up to the challenge to be met  " say the associations. These denounce both overly complex procedures and overly timid regulations.

"Why do we have to wait for the meeting of a general meeting of co-owners to finally be able to start the installation of an outlet?" Why is the rule of pre-fitting in sheaths and under counting in car parks not supplemented by an obligation to install charging sockets? Why, and despite a very conclusive experience, is it still not possible to connect a charging point on a public lighting mast, when in London and Amsterdam these systems are already offered? " Wonder they.