Free cars for disabled people

It is important to know that this franchise does not apply to used vehicles.

In the meantime, it is granted only for the personal use of the beneficiary, in order to exercise his profession, carry out studies and other activities that favor his labor, educational, social, health and recreational integration.

Nonprofit institutions or state get a free car now agencies that transport people with disabilities may also request this exemption.

Original or certified copy of the proforma invoice (signed and stamped by the dealership) of a standard car and the one with the lowest price within its model (accompanying the commercial brochure). Must include:

  • For imported cars : make, model and full version (including type of transmission and number of doors; FOB value (value in port of origin); expenses (freight and insurance); final value; VIN number (first 9 digits); Origin: If this documentation comes from abroad, it must be legalized before the Consular Agent of the country of origin, with a signature certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our country.
  • For national cars : make, model and full version of the requested vehicle (including type of transmission and number of doors); place value; VAT discounted (21%); final value to be paid.

Original medical certificate with an age not exceeding six (6) months. The so-called Disability Certificate is not a requirement to obtain the franchise since the medical evaluation is carried out by a Medical Board specially constituted for this procedure.


Certified copy of the DNI of the person requesting the franchise, with updated real address.


If the disabled person drives the vehicle, they must present a certified copy of the driving record.

  • If you do not drive: a certified copy of the current ID of a family member (with documentation proving the link and a certified copy of your ID).
  • If you are a minor: certified copy of the driver record of both parents, in case they are going to drive.
  • All submissions made in a photocopy must be certified by a competent authority (notary, justice of the peace, police authority).

f you have a vehicle purchased by the franchise, prior to the requirement of a new car, you must request the free availability of the first. It is worth clarifying that the free availability for elapsed time is not automatic, and in all cases it must be required before this Agency.